Renew your membership

Your student card and membership in Student union Novium is valid one year (exception is if you only paid for ¬Ĺ year, only autum or only spring), but you don't have to order a new student card evry year.

You renew your student card and membership by ordering a new sticker to your student card. You can order the sticker by clicking HERE and you can after this go with a printed copy of the payment to one of the places on the list bellow to get your sticker.


Membership fee: 

  • 35‚ā¨ for 1 year
  • 25‚ā¨ for 1/2 year (spring or autumn)

You can get your sticker to student card, from here:

  • Eken√§s: Raseborgsv√§gen 9, Noviums office, room C192
  • Jakobstad: K√∂pmansgatan 10, studiebyr√•n
  • Vaasa: Wolffskav√§gen 33, Noviums office, room W 135
  • Turku: Henriksgatan 7, Noviums office.
  • Turku: Hertig Johans parkgata 21, studiebyr√•n

OBS! Fill in your Finnish social security number in the form. Not studentnumber. If you appear at a site with the text "back", it means that the members register can't find your social security number. If so, you should contact the information secretary at Novium. Remember that the sticker can only be picked up at the office, Noivum never send them by post.