Noviums kansli på Wolffskavägen 33 i Vasa

Novium has three offices. From the office you can collect your student card or your new annual sticker . You are also welcome to come into the offices if you have any questions or if there is something you would like to student union to take a particular interest in. You are of course welcome to come in and just say hello as well. The staff are very friendly!


Wolffskavägen 33
65200 Vaasa

In Vaasa we have the secretary general Jenny Backström and the tutor secretary Julia Dahlkvist.

The office is open weekdays 8-16.

Jenny Backström
Secretary General Jenny Backström
Mobile: +358 50 527 2284
Phone: +358 6 328 5190
Facebook: Generalsekreterare Jenny Backström
-Contact person in questions about Novium as a organization, the board and the delegates work, student affairs or economy.

(Jonas Sandberg is on leave of absence 20.11.2017-31.5.2018. During this time Jenny Backström is Secretary General.)

Julia Dahlkvist
Tutor Secretary Julia Dahlkvist
Mobile: +358 50 527 2355
Phone: +358 6 328 5191
Facebook: Tutorsekreterare Julia Dahlkvist
-Contact person in questions about tutor activity, PR-visits or Novium international activity.


Raseborgsvägen 9
10600 Ekenäs
Room: C192

In Ekenäs we have the information secretary Andreas Hindrén.

Office is open
Mondays 09.30-12.30
Thursdays 12.00-14.00

Andreas Hindrén
Information secretary Andreas Hindrén
Mobile: +358 44 762 3690
Facebook: Infosekreterare Andreas Hindrén
-Contact person in questions about student card, membership, Novium weekinformation or Novium webpage.


Henriksgatan 7
20500 Turku
In Turku we have the student affairs secretary Mikaela Lindeman.

The office is open Mon and Wed 11-13 and whenever the door is open and Mikaela is there.

Mikaela Lindeman
Student affairs secretary Mikaela Lindeman (part time)
Mobile: +358 44 780 5092
Facebook: Intressebevakningssekreterare Mikaela Lindeman
-Contact person in questions about students rights, higher education- and social politics, and guarding of students interests on all levels. Also the contact person of harassment.