Become member - order student card

Become member

Noviums membershipformEveryone who studies at Novia UAS can be a member of Student union Novium. To be able to order a student card, you have to be member of student union Novium. To become a member you have to fill in this membershipform: MEMEMBERSHIPFORM


  • 35 € for 1 year
  • 25 € for ½ year (either only autum or only spring)

Order student card

When  you have completed the membershipform, and paid our membership, you can order a student card. ORDER A STUDENT CARD BY CLICKING HERE!

OBS! You have to be member to be able to order a student card!

There are two types of student cards, one electronic and one plastic. You can download the Frank App to get the electronic card and start using it. If you want a plastic card, you'll get it in 2-3 weeks after ordering it. When you've got your card you need to go to Novium office (find all our offices here) to get a small sticker. The card is not valid until you got the sticker. 

Why should I become a member in Novium?

You get:

  • support, help and necessary information
  • a free student calendar
  • cheaper entry to events arranged by Novium
  • discounts 
  • you can become a tutor or a member in any of the committees of Novium
  • vote in the school election
  • run for the election and get a chance to get a seat in the council of Novium
  • an opportunity to get a seat in the board of Novium

Why should I order a student card?

You get:

  • discount on train and bus tickets
  • cheap student lunch
  • a lot of discount, find them here



Frank App

As member you can use Frank App. All Novium members can use all Frank discounts.