You have probably noticed that you’re no longer able to order your student card from FRANK, like you did before. Novium has end our cooperation with the student card supplier FRANK. Instead of the old student card, we now have a brand new card, the AMK-kortti, that is created by the Student Unions for the students. This card gives you the important student discounts at VR and Matkahuolto as well as cheaper meals for students (KELA) and other discounts. Beside the new student card, we have also had to create a totally new membership list, because of GDPR. This means that ALL students need to register again, including those who has been members previous years. The membership fee will stay the same as before and you’ll get the student card for free. At this moment, there is no app so everyone needs a real card. Register and order your student card here:

How to do it

If you have any questions, you can always call or email the staff at Novium. You’ll find all the contact details at our website:
It is also possible to pop by the offices and ask for help. The new system should be easy to understand so we hope that there will be no struggle with the registration. Right now we can’t tell how long it will take to print and send the cards, so please be patient. 
The student card hasn’t the ISIC-function but it still works abroad.