Important information about the FRANK-app and our system for membership registration

This information is meant for Novium’s members
The purpose of this article is to inform you about two big changes that will take place at Novium during the spring/summer.
Because of the European Union’s directive going by the acronym of GDPR Novium will have to change the system we use for registering our members, since our current system doesn’t comply with GDPR. GDPR becomes effective 25.5.2018 and then we will no longer be able to use our current system. A new system for registering members is being developed and we will start using it during the summer.
Novium has also decided to end our cooperation with the student card supplier FRANK, as have most of the student unions for the universities of applied sciences in Finland. Starting by the fall semester of 2018, Novium will be using the student card “AMK-kortti”, a student card developed by the student unions for the students. This card gives you the important student discounts at VR and Matkahuolto as well as cheaper meals for students (KELA) and other discounts. More information about this new card will be given at the start of the new semester, but you can already check out the Facebook-page for the card:
OK, but how does all this affect me as a member of Novium? Check out the different alternatives below:

  1. I have paid my membership fee (academic year 2017-2018 or spring semester 2018)

You will not be affected by the change of system for member registration. When you renew your membership in the fall you will use the new system, more information about how to do this will then be available on If you haven’t yet collected the sticker for you student card (valid until 9/2018) you must do so at the latest 24.5.2018. Remember to check our office hours on Novium’s webpage. Also see point number 3 and 4.

  1. I HAVE NOT paid my membership fee (academic year 2017-2018 or spring semester 2018)

Our change of system for registering members will affect the possibility of paying the membership fee. The membership fee for the spring semester 2018 is 25€. If you haven’t paid the fee yet but still want to do it you still have a few days’ time. The last day to pay the fee is 20.5.2018 (so the transaction will have time to register in our system) and you will have to collect the sticker for your student card at the latest 24.5.2018. Again, check the webpage for our office ours! You can also wait until the fall to renew your membership and you will then use the new system. Also see point number 3 and 4. 

  1. I’m using a plastic student card and the FRANK-app

No worries, your plastic student card will be valid until 30.9.2018, as long as it has a sticker that says “valid 9/2018”. Remember to bring it with you to collect the student discounts, and collect the sticker from our offices if you haven’t already done so (remember our office ours!). When you renew your membership in the fall you will get the new student card “AMK-kortti”, we will give you more information about this at the start of the new semester. Unfortunately, your FRANK-app will stop working, see point number 4.

  1. I’m only using the FRANK-app and I don’t have a plastic student card

Unfortunately your app will stop working prematurely, an unlucky series of events has led to this and we are very sorry for it. Your FRANK-app would have been valid until 31.8.2018, but since it needs a connection to our membership register system it will most likely stop working 25.5.2018 when GDPR becomes effective and we can no longer use our system. There is a small sliver of a chance that the app will work until 15.7.2018 (because our umbrella organization SAMOK buys the membership register service until that date) but you shouldn’t count on it since we haven’t gotten any answers to our questions about it. So the app will stop working. If you depend heavily on the student discount during the summer you can order a plastic student card, otherwise we would advise against it since you will get the plastic student card “AMK-kortti” when you renew your membership in the fall. If you decide to order a plastic student card, do it at the latest 20.5.2018 and inform Novium about it by sending an email to If you mostly need the student discount from VR and Matkahuolto you can obtain them by getting a certain certificate, see more information about this below.
Certificate that permits student discounts at VR and Matkahuolto
VR and Matkahuolto have forms you can fill out that will give you student discounts after they have been verified by Novia. Click here for VR's form and click here for Matkahuoltos form. Please contact Novium by sending an email to if you need any assistance or additional information about this.
This was an email filled with information, feel free to contact us if you have questions of any kind by sending an email to Otherwise, have a pleasant summer!