Membership/Student card

 If you're a member of the Student Union of Novia, Novium, you can enjoy many benefits during your years of studying. For instance, you can order a student card for free, that gives you cheaper train and bus tickets with VR and Matkahoulto as well as discounts in the school cafeteria. Being a Novium member also means that you'll get a calendar for free, cheaper entrance fees at events and legal advising for free. Please notice that the student card is only for degree students at Novia so you who study at the Open University, please contact us and we'll help you further.

Membership fee 

25‚ā¨ for one semester

35‚ā¨ for an academic year

You can register HERE 

When you have registered, you can order your student card. You need the card to get to use the discounts. You'll find a guide below, how to register and order your student card.

If you loose your student card and orders a new one, we'll debitate five euros.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the staff at Novium!